The Website:

This website serves as both a portfolio for my work and a blog for what I’m working on. The portfolio will be added to as projects are in sufficient progress, and the blog itself is to be updated semi-regularly during development. I hope that any potential employers here for my portfolio can get a good sense of what I’ve worked on in the past and what I think about it, while any casual readers can enjoy reading the blog to stay up to date on project progress.

The Team:

Armchair Factory is a team consisting of myself, Tylar, and Jacob. Here’s a little about us as people.

Steven Zwahl

I grew up in Atchison, Kansas and currently attend Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas as an undergrad in Computer Science – as far as my role on the team goes, I’m primarily the designer and programmer for each project, although I compose music and texture stuff as well along with the others.

Tylar Rundquist

I grew up in Assaria, Kansas and currently attend Fort Hays State University as an undergrad in Information Networking. My primary role on the team is mostly working with anything that relates to the graphics. Blender has been my main platform for modeling and animation so far, but I would like to move on to 3DS MAX in the future.

Jacob Armstrong